Author: Kathrine R. Conner

Myths about SEO

Search Engine Optimization often gets forgotten because of social media platforms and content recommendation services. But business owners should not forget about the help that SEO can do for them even though you can’t immediately see the results. Perhaps one of the reasons that a lot of people are still so hesitant when it comes to SEO is because of the myths that were made about them. Here are some myths about SEO and believe me when I say there is no truth in them. SEO Will Cost You a Lot of Money When you hire someone who is...

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing SEO and DIY SEO

Search Engine Optimization is no doubt a popular strategy many companies use in their online marketing strategy. It is for the same reason that more and more SEO firms are becoming available at the tip of your fingertips. However, there are business owners who are still on the fence in relation to hiring and outsourcing their SEO campaign. It is just natural to be squeamish about when you heard of some businesses being scammed by some con SEO firms. For this reason, many companies have opted to do the campaign themselves – Do It Yourself (DIY) SEO. However, before...

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Measurement Software Tools, the Pros and Cons of logs Versus ASP Vendors, Average Conversion Rates

Recently, I was a presenter in a teleconference for Sean D’Souza’s 16-week MasterClass. People who attended asked about specific problems they were having and what I would do in their place. This series of articles addresses their questions. In this article, we’ll be looking at measurement software tools, the pros and cons of logs versus ASP vendors, average conversion rates, why it helps to track visitor activity using the software which is available and what you should test and tweak to improve conversion rates. Question 1 Does it help to track visitor behavior on websites through software?   Yes...

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