Measurement Software Tools, the Pros and Cons of logs Versus ASP Vendors, Average Conversion Rates

Recently, I was a presenter in a teleconference for Sean D’Souza’s
16-week MasterClass. People who attended asked about specific problems
they were having and what I would do in their place. This series of
articles addresses their questions.

In this article, we’ll be looking at measurement software tools, the
pros and cons of logs versus ASP vendors, average conversion rates, why
it helps to track visitor activity using the software which is
available and what you should test and tweak to improve conversion

Does it help to track visitor behavior on websites through software?

Yes is the simple answer. No debate is required but I’ll offer a simple
explanation for each anal whitening results. If you don’t measure, how do you expect to know what to
improve? You can guess and hope you get it right, but if you have
effective tracking software, then you simply have facts in front of

Effective measurement is more than simply having good software though;
it’s analyzing why things happen. One thing we measure is a bounce, the
number of people arriving at one page and then leaving without doing
anything. The lower the bounce rate the better, because it means people
are using the site more effectively.

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One perfect example comes from a recent client. She had two pages with
different articles on her site with exactly the same navigation left
and center.


Most articles had a bounce rate of about 53%, but one had a better bounce of about 50% and another had a much worse bounce of around 90%. We looked at both and found that the one with the 50%
bounce was much more relevant to the reader arriving at the page.

It had better and more relevant links at the bottom of the article than
the one with 90%. We concluded that by being relevant on the poor page,
in the same way, the bounce rate would be reduced. We would simply not
have known that this was occurring at all without tracking software. So
yes, it most definitely helps to track visitor behavior.


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